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The philosophy “practice makes perfect” has never rung more true than with the  groundbreaking musicality of DJ Nova. Inspired by the art of turntablism and  motivated by the revolutionary spins of his predecessors, this Northern Virginia  native is permanently leaving his imprint in the world of successful DJs.

DJ Nova began his rise as an evolving artist as a freshman in college, quickly    discovering his tremendous talents and passion for exciting people with his music.  Enthused by turntable masters in old DMC competition videos, Nova spent his  beginnings practicing on borrowed tables and crates of various records, to which he  shaped his recognition and appreciation for numerous music styles. Nova skillfully  sharpened his musical and creative flair with his dedication to his personal mantra,  proving his diligence in perfecting his art.

From spending countless hours as an aspiring DJ to getting his first local gigs, Nova  has since dominated the tables for crowds of thousands including various venues in  Orlando and throughout the country. With his undeniable knack for knowing his  music, seamlessly manipulating beats and understanding the unique tastes of each audience, DJ Nova has earned himself among the top ranks of today’s distinct artists.

As new DJ technologies are constantly being introduced, DJ Nova’s many talents include his ability to adapt while never losing sight of the fundamentals of this beloved underground art. He is on the forefront of his career and, with undying persistence and an innate musical comprehension, he continues to exemplify why practice actually does make perfect.

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